Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Twenty-five days to go...

There are only 25 days left until the end of the year.
Twenty-five days to recount (pardon the pun) the many blessings that have come this year.
Twenty-five days to recall the challenges of this year.
Twenty-five days to dream, plan, pray, and prepare for the year that is soon to dawn.

Here is a list of 25 people, places, discoveries, encounters, moments that are on my list of blessings for 2011 - with photos from this year sprinkled in.

1. Barcelona, Spain.
2.Valladolid, Spain.
3. Judy Heins, my host in Barcelona.

4. Antonio Allende and Jose Maria Olaizola
5. my sisterhood of writers, bloggers, travelers, poets, art journalers, photographers, cast-aways, preachers, teachers, co-conspirators, freedom-fighters and soul-friends - you know exactly who you are

6. graduation day, Williams College, Williamstown, Massachusetts
7. long walks around and through my neighborhood
8. art dates

9. coffee dates
10. The Untethered Soul

11. Higher Ground
12. Fabriano-Artistico 140-pound hot press watercolor paper
13. Cheap Joe's Art supply shop

14. that wine bar on 7th Avenue, Park Slope, Brooklyn, New York
15. Eduardo, Leticia, Alvaro, Jaime, and Marta - my family in Madrid

16. my life group
17. Codependent No More - again and again
18. a self-inflicted haircut

19. breaking my addiction to sugar
20. The Paper Skyscraper

21. Jacob Beaver, Anthony Smith, Toni Cook-Smith and the two angel-prophets at Starbucks
22. eight days of silence in Pennsylvania

23. our house on Hilton Head Island
24. riding a bike on the beach
25. knowing that there are hundreds more people, places, stories, photos, and miracles I could add to this list

What's on your list?

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