Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Forty-six reasons I am glad to be alive today

1. because there is no way to put the wonder of life into words or into a list... but I'm gonna try anyway

2. all the books I have been able to read

3. the full moon

4. the Spanish language - hearing it and speaking it

5. falling in love with a new language and culture - Italian

6. turtleneck sweaters, denim skirts, black suede boots, with coordinating scarves, jewelry, and handbags

7. bike rides on the beach


9. having too many friends to begin to list them here - knowing that you know who you are and how much you mean to me, each of you and all of you.

10. Miquelrius journals with thick paper and complete discretion


12. the joy of sex

13. the thrill of pregnancy

14. the agony of labor

15. the incomparable lives of Kristiana and Daniel


17. Spain

18. Italy

19. Buenos Aires

20. Rio de Janeiro

21. all the stops in between

22. Palomino Island, Puerto Rico

23. Costa Rica


25. the public library

26. Williams College

27. elephants, giraffes, and turtles

28. growing up with three older brothers

29. the sisters-in-law they brought into my life

30. the nieces and nephews those remarkable women ushered into the world


32. facebook

33. the internet in general

34. digital photography


36. glue sticks and glue tape

37. laughter

38. warm hugs and tender kisses

39. paper clips and staplers


41. new toys - especially the electronic and battery-operated ones

42. being able to use the off button and bask in the ensuing darkness and silence


 44. Illy from the Bialetti

45. someone to hold my hand

 46. having such a full life, so many stories, so many memories, and so many photos that I had to sigh deeply as I went through and chose the ones I was going to use in this list.

I have been deeply blessed for these  46 years that I've been alive. I am profoundly grateful. Thank you to all who read these words, the near and dear, the far and missed, thank you for your presence, your love, your words, your silence. Thank you for being a part of why my life is too big, too wide, too deep, to wonder-filled to put into words.

Thanks be to God!


Melanie said...

Happy Birthday Gail!!! I love this post & the many memories that I am sure it stirred up in the writing of it. It is always wonderful to reflect with joy! Also loved the way you threw a few photos in the list, very creative!

Kristin Noelle said...

You are such a beautiful, bright light, Gail, and it's a privilege to know you. All my love and wishes for a fantastic 46th year!

GailNHB said...

Melanie, thanks for being such a faithful reader and commenter here on my blog. As you well know, it is a blessing to know that your words, thoughts, images affect other people and that you are seen and heard. Thank you again. Merry Christmas to you and your growing family.

Kristin, it is a privilege to be known by you and to get to know you. Your presence in my life, your friendship - those are wishes of mine already coming true. Thank you for everything.

Peace be with both of you beautiful, strong women.