Friday, December 30, 2011

Too much...

Too much sorrow, too much war, too much pain, abuse, greed, famine, drought, neglect, violence, fear, shame, insult, criticism, complaining, illness, death, homelessness, and too much destruction.

Too much color, too much beauty, too much resilience, grace, mercy, forgiveness, joy, laughter, art, friendship, connection, silence, peace, music, and too many heart-filling conversations.

Too many photos taken, too many emails, too many texts, too many late night phone calls, too many facebook comments, and too many blogs to read and write.

Too much torture, too much denial, anger, divorce, foreclosure, despair, depression, loss, debt, bitterness, unemployment, empty politicking, cancer, heart disease, and too much resentment.

Too much laughter, too much patience, too much trust, sunshine, warmth, journaling, prayer, reading, painting, travel, supermarket shopping, cookie baking, soup making, and too much movie watching.

Too many graduations, too many parties, too many long walks, too many cardio funk and zumba classes, too many visits to Good Will and Cheap Joe's, too much yoga, too much weight-lifting, too many sugar binges, too many days without sugar, too many breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and coffee dates.

There was simply too much to list,
too much to smile about,
too many tears to shed,
too many stories to tell,
too many mistakes to correct,
too many hugs to share,
too much love to lavish,
too many moments to cherish this year -

too much to write about here,
too much to write about in my journal,
too much to give thanks for.

Still, I've tried.
Still, I'm amazed.
Still, I am deeply grateful.

Too much.

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