Saturday, December 17, 2011

Time to declutter...

Whether it's dumped out willy-nilly or organized into related piles, this is too much stuff for one person to carry in a purse. Whether I can explain why I'm carrying each item - and I most certainly can explain each item - it's still too much stuff for me to carry in my purse.

Not that you asked, but I'll explain the contents of my purse: The little red pouch with the bird holds my Starbucks giftcard and my Michael's gift card. (I haven't used my Starbucks card very often lately - because of my reduced-sugar thing. Starbucks has retaliated by downgrading me from Gold Card status to Bronze Card status. I count myself blessed that they still send me my "free drink on your birthday" card.) The other red pouch holds lipstick, lotion, perfume, Listerine strips, and hand gel spray. The small striped packet holds my cards - I never know when I may need to give my "digits" to somebody. I always have tissues and napkins and tampons because, well, you never know what misfortunes will come when. The two mint boxes hold medications - ibuprofen, allergy meds, sinus headache medication, and also back up medication for my children. Extra keys in case I lock my keys in the minivan. An icon taken off a keychain I bought in Spain. A pocket knife. Hair elastics. A whistle. Sunglasses case. Music. Tooth care - brush, paste, and floss. Small New Testament with Psalms. Small polka-dotted journal. 2012 calendar - with life is good sticker. 2011 calendar - with Toms sticker. A fistful of pens. My wallet.

Not shown: my camera, my blackberry, and my iPad (happy birthday to me!!!).

It was way too much stuff. Clearly, it was time for me to declutter.
I did. My bag is much lighter. My shoulders and back are grateful.

Someday, I may shock you by taking similar photos and explaining the contents of my minivan.

PS. I just saw a commercial in which Denny's boasted about "Christmas cookie pancakes" - complete with colorful sprinkles. What the heck???

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