Friday, December 09, 2011

Looking Back on 2011, part 1

I love to travel, hit the road, go on adventures. The fewer people along for the ride, the better.  I prefer solo travel over all other kinds. So when I set out for Spain in February, alone, I was in my glory.

Judy hosted me for the first few days - in Barcelona.

She knows the baristas by name and/or face, the best day to go to the best place for the freshest seafood, and which areas of the city to avoid.

She knows that city far better than I know Madrid or even Charlotte - its history, its oldest church, its newest church, its paper stores, its smallest and most intimate restaurants.

She is the consummate Barcelona walking-tour, coffee shop, art gallery, museum, transportation system, nightlife guide.

She is a fabulous story-teller, detailed writer, meticulous planner, respecter of privacy, and an open-hearted woman whose deep faith, zeal for life, love for her family, and longing to live every day to the fullest inspire me, encourage me, and challenge me to be the best woman I can be, to dream big, and to recognize that the best times of my life are yet to come.

Judy is my dearly beloved soul-sister, sister-adventurer, student for life, student of life, and lover of Spain. But most important of all, she is my friend. 

Judy, these candles are lit for you, con mucho cariño y amor.

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