Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Today is so NOT "thankful Thursday"

Today is testy Tuesday, teed-off Tuesday, tucking-my-passport-into-my-purse-Tuesday so I can tiptoe out of here and find a flight to anywhere but here.

It's one of those days when everything and everyone around me makes me wish I had nothing and no one around me.

One of those days when I want to scream obscenities, kick a hole in a wall, and throw rocks at large plate glass windows.

One of those days when marriage, parenting, housekeeping, homeschooling - nearly everything I've dedicated the last twenty years of my life to - seem like nothing but wasted time, money, and energy.  One of those days when it feels like these past two decades was time poorly invested.

One of those days when I want to eat white cheddar popcorn and homemade chocolate chip cookies, drink gin and tonics, and watch a marathon of Law and Order: Criminal Intent with Vincent Donofrio, followed by The Real Housewives of Atlanta, especially the episodes when they are arguing with each other about who has the most money and who is the least classy, a dessert cook-off onTop Chef, and then check out the new show, "Who the (bleep) did I marry?" 

{Did you know there is a show on television with that title? There is. I know quite a few folks who are asking themselves that very question these days; to each of you, I offer no wise answer, but rather my deepest love and support as you figure out if there is a reasonable answer to that question.} 

One of those days when I don't want to be grateful, kind, patient, loving, cheerful, Godly, forgiving, or attentive to anyone but the bartender mixing the aforementioned gin and tonics.

Today is so NOT "thankful Thursday."
Today is toxic Tuesday.

The best thing about today is the fact that it will end in less than nine hours. Then I get a new day, a chance to get back into the Christmas spirit, rediscover peace, and recapture my deepest sense of self, of meaning, of faith, and of joy on a wonder-filled Wednesday.

The second best thing about today is that in less than three hours I will be in the company of seven or eight soul-sisters whose mere presence will lift my sagging spirits, whose cooking will make my tummy smile, whose stories will make my heart sing, and whose prayers will make my soul soar.

Photos, from top to bottom.
1- Rome's Fiumicino Airport, January 2008
2. the beautiful children of Nicaragua, August 2008
3. Spain, September 2009
4. An airplane wing, September 2009

All four photos bring back great memories of love, laughter, discovery, and adventure.
I need another deep draught of the intoxicating liquor of travel.
"Calgon - somebody, anybody - take me away."

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