Saturday, December 31, 2011

One more thing... and the thing after that...

One more thing: life is precious. bask in its daily sacredness. celebrate its joys. mourn it sorrows. fight for its continuation. every single day. these last 37 days of the year have been precious to me because i've lived them thoughtfully, honored them deeply, and written something here for each of them. awareness is a gift we give to ourselves and each other.

life is precious. love is even more precious. please be present for your life and for those you love.

me and my beauties on Christmas Day
(if you've never seen the movie, "The Apostle," you should.
robert duvall's character refers to his children as his "beauties" in that movie.) 

The thing after that: thank you for being here with me on this blog this year. thank you for reading my ramblings, for commenting (feel free to comment more), and for encouraging me to keep writing. you mean more to me than you know - whoever you are, wherever you are, however how are.

outside one of the bank buildings here in C-town

happy new year.
be well.
be at peace.

this hangs next the door that connects our kitchen to the garage


Tricia said...

Your blog is one of only two that I check daily. I love the raw and honest emotions you share and am amazed over and over again at your writing and wisdom. As I was reading today I thought for a minute you were ending your blog. That certainly would have ruined my New Year day! Bless you and your beautiful family. As Rumi says, 'stay bewildered in God.'

bullseyebaby said...

Happy new year, dear Gail. Thanks for sharing all you do and living your life with such precious awareness.

GailNHB said...

Tricia, thanks for being such a faithful reader. Nope, I'm not done blogging yet. And I love that quote: Stay bewildered in God. That is exactly how I feel most of the time. I'm gonna write that one in my journal - for sure.

Jena, sweet Jena. Thanks for coming back over and over. Thanks for your powerful writing as well. Precious awareness - another phrase that's gonna go into my journal for safekeeping.

Peace be with you both.
Happy new year.