Friday, December 23, 2011

The Long Journey

from here,

to here,




and eventually out through the dark tomb into the light...

the celebration of the first day of the long, life journey of our Lord Jesus is in two days.

Sweet Mother Mary was in the final days of her pregnancy.
God swimming around in her womb.
Head down, ready to be born.
From eternity into time - while retaining eternity.
From omnipotence into infancy - while retaining omnipotence.
From glory to humanity - while retaining glory.
From love to deeper love.

The mystery of it is beyond explanation.
And yet, we celebrate it. We sing about it. We rejoice over it. We bask in it.
We give our lives, our hearts, our whole selves to that mystery.
We give thanks.

Come, Lord Jesus.
Be born in us.

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