Monday, December 26, 2011

Before and after...

high school senior picture

current "senior" picture 

 my parents in the mid 1950s

my parents in the mid 1990s
(I sure do miss my dad!) 

 the Henderson crew in the 1970s
(notice my far off gaze... what/who was I looking for?
I still have that same question for myself today...)

the same motley crew in 1997 
(other than standing beside my father's deathbed 
at King's County Hospital in March of 2001,
this was our last time together as an entire family.)

Christmas photo in 2001 or 2002
(how bad is it that I don't know which year it was?) 

Christmas 2011

What fun the kids and I had last night, looking at old photos at my Mom's place.
We have sure come a long way. 

Please pardon the glare and fuzziness of these photos of other photos - taken with my cell phone.

PS. Only five days left in 2011. 
So much to look back on. 
So much to look forward to.
So very much for which to give thanks. 

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