Thursday, October 31, 2013

Thankful Thursday

Today I'm thankful for today. For another gorgeous fall day.

* For the opportunity to tell some of my kanswer story to the folks my mother works with. She had been telling them what was going on with me and they were faithful in prayer. So I went to her office and spoke to the staff there for about 15 minutes this morning.

* For the chance to hug several people after that talk and hear some of their stories.
One woman has been diagnosed with lymphoma five times.
One is a two-time breast kanswer survivor.
One young woman told me that her mother is going to have a biopsy of her pancreas next week.
Such strength, courage, vulnerability.
I was honored to be asked to speak and glad to be given more to pray for.

* For time with a woman who has walked this breast kanswer journey with me. She is finishing up the reconstruction process. I love how we are able to talk about this terrible disease and our victory over it. I love that we have made such different choices but still have so much in common. She is growing her hair back and may regrow her locks. She has chosen a rather complex form of reconstruction. I am keeping my hair short and gave up both of my breasts with no reconstruction. We each have great respect for what the other has chosen - and we always find ways to laugh through our decisions and experiences.What a beacon of joy, hope, humor, and strength she has been in my life.

* For my daughter's 20th birthday yesterday. She is all grown up. She is one of my dearest friends. She is brave and strong, determined and hopeful, helpful, funny and generous. She is the best cook in our house. She is downstairs waiting for the trick-or-treaters to ring the doorbell so she can hand out candy.

* I'm grateful for Anne Lamott, Saint Ignatius of Loyola, Rebecca Walker, Rob Bell, and Paulo Coelho
* I'm grateful for apple crisp, pasta, pineapple, and egg sandwiches
* I'm grateful for the changing colors of the leaves and cooler weather
* I'm grateful to have a valid passport, a sturdy backpack, and comfortable shoes

* I'm grateful for peppermint and chamomile tea
* I'm grateful for 3-D movie glasses
* I'm grateful for pocket-sized Moleskine journals
* I'm also grateful for paper clips, staplers, scotch tape, and rubber bands

I'm especially grateful for the camera and the iphone that took these photos on my recent adventure.

On my way to an exhibit of Hermes Leather Goods with Leticia.
A spectacular Saturday morning in Madrid.

I won't deny it - I experienced some serious covetousness when I saw those bags.

Essence of Leather

Leather motorcycle wings.

 The venue where the Hermes exhibit was housed.
Such beautiful light.

The glass pavillion in the Retiro Park, Madrid.
Several years ago, I saw an exhibit of Hermes scarves in this building.
Perhaps an Hermes purchase is somewhere in my future...

Turtle party in the park!!! 

The bar at the Hotel Urban, Madrid.
I think I had peppermint tea there. 
Or was it chamomile? 

 Plaza de Cibeles, Madrid.
That building used to be the main post office for the city.
Back in the fall of 1986, during my semester of study abroad,
I went there often to mail letters and pick up packages.

Do you see the couple sitting at the table in the window that is the third from the bottom?
I snuck this photo from the window of the bedroom where I stayed in Madrid.

The magic of cameras. The wonder of the memories they capture.
I am grateful. So very grateful.

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