Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Just so you know...

I am alive and well. Ridiculously happy. In fact, it is hard not to smile all day. I will nevr be able to explain why i love Spain so much, but I do. It is a soul-deep love, a life-affirming love. I feel my shoulders dropping more and more with each passing day and my breaths getting deeper.

I am learning.
I am laughing.
I am reading.
I am praying.
I am walking.
I am journaling.
I am crying too.
I am falling back in love with my life too.
I am eating well.
I am drinking tea, coffee, water, wine, sangria - and enjoying every drop.
Truly, i am relearning what it is to enjoy every drop of my life,
every moment, every hour,
even the ones that include missing a desired train because i didn't have my bank card and i couldn't use my regular credit card in the machines. (I don't have a PIN for my visa card so i couldn't complete the transaction and i had left the bank card at my friend's house. After all, i knew i wouldn't need cash... ah, the best laid plans...) I had to wait for nearly 100 people to have their numbers called. And that is no exaggeration - my number was 729 and when i got that number, they were at 640. No need to panic or be angry, Gail, just sit down and take some deep breaths. I watched people. I watched the numbers. I watched people some more. Some people clearly had less patience than i had because many of the numbers called between 700 and 729 went unanswered. And eventually i got on a train and ended up where i needed to be. Life happens. And i'm in Spain - that alone is reason to be contented and grateful.

I will spend the next few days with one of my very dearest, wisest, funniest, smartest, oldest (not in age, but in length of our friendship), most godly and most beloved friends in the world. I am grateful for the gift that he is in my life. Deeply grateful.

Anyway, it is bedtime for me.
Buenas noches a todos vosotros.
But i just wanted you to know that all is well.
All is well.
All manner of thing is so very well.

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Lisa said...

My heart is leaping with joy at these wonderful words!

Continued traveling mercies and sacred soul time to you, dearest Gail