Sunday, October 06, 2013

Day 7 - The Sounds of Sunday

Today I am grateful for sound.

* The sound of my alarm when I'm already awake, lying in bed, thinking, praying, looking forward to the day.

* The quietness on the streets of uptown Charlotte this morning while walking to breakfast.

* The sound of the congregation saying The Lord's Prayer together.

* The sweet harmonies of hymn singing.

* The rev and rumble of the engine when my car starts.

* The click of a camera.

* The beep of the washing machine as it begins to clean another load of our clothing.

* The whir of the ceiling fan in my bedroom, moving and cooling the air during the night.

* The scrape of the spoon in the bottom of a simmering pot of soup.

* The release of tension and realignment of bones during a chiropractic adjustment.

* Laughter, especially my children's laughter.

* Children playing in the playground in front of the church.

* The singing of "Happy Birthday" - at a party, in a restaurant, anywhere.

* Voice mails.

* The new sounds of my new phone.

* The scratching sound of my dog's claws as she runs on both the carpet and the hardwood floor.

* Stories of challenges, of victories, of mysteries, and love - told with vulnerability and honesty.

* The crunch of toast slathered with fresh almond butter.

* The initial sips of hot tea.

* The groan my children utter when I say, "Let's have a family meeting." (Which is later followed by their laughter at each other, their father, and me during the course of our meetings.)

* The cheer of the crowd when touchdowns, homeruns, or goals are scored.

* The sound of water, at the beach, near a river, even in the shower. Water sounds heavenly to me.

* The click of ice in a glass.

* The sound of my name when spoken gently and with love.

* The sound of well-chosen words grouped together articulately and eloquently.
* My four favorite words, "Oh Lord my God."
* My three favorite words, "Sweet Momma Jesus."
* My two favorite words, "Thank you."
* My single favorite word, "Peace."

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