Thursday, October 24, 2013

Thankful Thursday

When I was a college student, my most challenging class was Introduction to Physics. I tried hard, really hard, to understand the concepts of physics. I went to see the professor regularly for extra help. He was extremely patient with me. He explained as slowly as he could with as many examples as he could. But I just didn't get it.

One day in class, he went through a long explanation of some concept - and I GOT IT! I listened and took copious notes, and I thought, "Holy moly! Maybe there is hope for me after all." I was ridiculously proud of myself and hopeful for my future as a student in that class.

The next time the class met, he began with a somber and contrite apology. The concept he had explained in the previous class, THE ONLY CONCEPT I UNDERSTOOD ALL SEMESTER TO THAT POINT, had been explained incorrectly. He had been wrong in how he presented it to us. And he was sorry. WHAT!!!???

The only thing I sort of figured out was the physics of how planes take off - something about velocity and mass and angles. Clearly, I cannot recall the exact details now, but I do remember being fascinated by the possibility of understanding the miracle of flight. I mean, you step into an enormous steel tube filled with people and stuff and get lifted up into the air and go across land masses or oceans. Flying. It's crazy. It's amazing.

Today I am thankful for the miracle of flight.
I'm gonna share a few of the more than 2,300 photos I took on this recent trip -
all of the ones I am sharing today are related to the flights I took back and forth to Spain.

Between Charlotte and Miami

The next three photos are on the flight between Miami and Madrid 

On the ground in Madrid

These two are just off the coast of Florida, taken from the flight back from Madrid.

Cloud formations. Oceans. Islands. Shorelines. The vast sky.
Airplanes. Airports. Passengers. Crew.
It was great to go. It is great to be home.
Grateful, grateful, grateful, grateful.

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