Thursday, November 01, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Tonight I'm grateful for -

* slippers for my cold feet
* hair color and experienced hands to apply it
* beauty parlor stories
* learning about a drink called "Call a Cab"
* laughing as one woman said it should be called "Call an Ambulance"
* discovering the sweet goodness of Grand Marnier, orange juice, and an ice cube for a "nightcap"
* not needing a cab or an ambulance after drinking it
* homemade skin products
* health insurance
* incense
* the chance to teach a class on Religion and Joy
* helping people recognize that Religion and Joy can exist at the same time in the same place within each of us
* a new tube of lip gloss
* college football on Saturday afternoons
* honey and lemon tea
* homemade apple cobbler
* the chance to volunteer at a food pantry
* hugging those beautiful and grateful people when they get all their food in bags and boxes and head home
* meeting the other folk who gladly, humbly, patiently serve the clients at the food pantry
* sharing stories with a new friend about a mutual friend who passed away
* her courage in reaching out to me (I am enormously grateful for this one.)
* multivitamins from Earth Fare and chewable vitamin C tablets from Trader Joe's
* movies borrowed from the library - for free
* good news of friends getting their electricity back after power outages
* knowing that in only five days all the political ads and phone calls will cease
* Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert's humorous take on the election madness

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