Tuesday, November 06, 2012

My Life's Journey

That's the name of this blog.
It's what I do - live out the life journey that has been laid before me.

Today, my life's journey hit a hairpin turn, a speed bump, a pothole
- and whatever other cliche or metaphor comes to mind
when bad things happen to good people, bad people, and anybody.

I have cancer.
Cancer doesn't have me.
But cancer has come for a brief and unwelcome visit to my left breast and at least one lymph node.

There are a few things I'll be dealing with in the coming weeks and months -
meeting doctors, nurses, and specialists of all kinds
radiation therapy
cutting my hair
drinking all kinds of juices
taking vitamins and supplements
accepting meals from friends, neighbors, and family
trying to respond to emails, texts, phone calls, and everything else that comes
living every moment to the fullest - even more than before.

I'll be writing and telling stories.
I'll be snuggling with my husband and kids.
I'll be buying hats and scarves - but not wigs.
I'll be wearing my big earrings, my boots, my skirts, but nothing pink.
I don't do pink - at least not yet.
I'll be walking in faith, in strength, in love, in courage.
I will also be crying and asking "why?" and then living my way into the answers.

I hope and pray that all of you will walk this journey with me.
As you can.
When you can.
However you can.

Forgive me if things go silent here every now and then.
Forgive me if I don't respond immediately to your emails and comments.
I will read everything you send.
I will gladly accept your prayers, kind thoughts, chanting, incense and candle burning.
Whatever you want to do on our behalf, please do it.
As far as I'm concerned, everything counts.
Everything counts.

Pardon my language here - this shit sucks.
But I'm gonna get through it.

I'm hanging on to a truth that I've written here dozens of times.
Hanging on to it like never before.
All shall be well.
All shall be well.
All manner of thing shall be well.

May God continue to have mercy on me, on my family,
on you, on all of us,
on all people everywhere.
But especially on me...

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