Monday, November 26, 2012

One down, five to go!

This morning, I stepped outside on the porch and took this photo.
Despite all that lies ahead, my shirt tells the truth: life is good.
Please don't ever take your life, your breath, or your friends for granted.

I'm gonna keep it short tonight.
I did it - the first healing therapy session is behind me.
I did well. No reactions. No complications.

Completely uneventful. Well, except for when I faked a reaction to one of the drugs.
Then I said, "Only kidding." The nurses and a few other people in the room laughed.
I've been put on their "bad list," but the laughter and smiles were worth the label.

Here's my healing therapy bartender. Not very talkative, but he mixes up a fine swill.
And delivers it rather efficiently. Notice how cozy and open and bright the room is.

The man whose feet you see on the right side of the photo drank a can of Coke during his healing therapy. He was there when I arrived and was still there when I left 4+ hours later. I was surprised and disappointed that the oncology office serves regular and diet soda to its healing therapy clients. Seriously?

My dear friend, Gibbs, was by my side the entire time. I love this woman! We watched, "Crazy, Sexy, Cancer" together. Great documentary/movie. I nodded off at times - thanks to the Benadryl in the IV.

And dear, dear Karen sent me an Edible arrangement.
Right after taking this photo, I attacked it. Yum, yum!

Now I'm gonna go stretch, sit and meditate for a few minutes, and then get some much-needed rest.

The healing has begun!
Thanks be to God.

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rleepenn said...

I love your shirt! And thanks for your kind words on my blog.... I hope you have minimal side effects!