Friday, November 09, 2012

Is there ever a good time???

This question is for the ladies in the house - is there ever a good time to get your period?
Is there?

I remember being a junior or senior in high school and going into the girls' room with a good friend. She went into the stall and, as she pulled down her pants, she said, "God, I hope I got my period."

I said, "What? Why would you want to get your period?"
Then I said, "Oh, yea. Now I get it."
Gratefully, several years would pass before I had that thought upon entering a bathroom stall.

Fast forward to this past Tuesday morning.
The morning of what I had dubbed, "The Results Show."
You know, when we had to go get the results from the biopsy.
Steve said, "I hope that's not what they really call it."
I said, "Nope, but that's what I call it."

Anyway, on Tuesday morning, I got my period. "Great," I thought.
Of all the days to get my freaking period, why today?

Why Tuesday? Because God knew that I was gonna get that awful diagnosis.
And God knew that I would need to have an MRI, a bone scan and a CT scan.
And God knew that those tests need to be done within 7 to 10 days of beginning my menstrual cycle.
I will have the MRI next Monday and the bone scan and CT scan next Tuesday.

For those of you who don't believe in God, it's still a pretty awesome and awful coincidence.
A coincidence that now I am enormously grateful for.

Is there ever a good time to get my period? This past Tuesday was the perfect time.
Divine timing, my friends.
Divine, indeed.

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