Monday, February 04, 2008

Yes, We Can!

I saw this amazing video (click on the title of this post) over at Jen Lemen's blog. (Without exception, when I go to her blog, that amazing woman's thoughtful, careful, loving words and photographs and cards and candles and posters inspire me and excite me. Thanks for adding this beautiful video to your blog.)

Yesterday, the Giants faced The Patriots and thought: "Yes, we can" win the Super Bowl - and they won! I am nobody's Giants fan, but I must admit that I am more excited about the outcome of last night's game than I was last year when the Colts won - and I am a big fan of Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts. There was something about the Patriots with their "we are a team with a destiny," "this is a perfect season and dynasty in the making" stuff, the laughter at the mere mention of the possibility that the Giants could win and hold them to only 17 points, that turned me off. Plus it's pretty cool that those two brothers, Eli and Peyton, were MVP quarterbacks of back-to-back Super Bowls.

Last week, Lisa wrote to various organizations, thinking to herself, "Yes, we can" make a difference in the face of this tax refund gimmick that is meant to encourage us to spend more money, rather than save it or give to those who are in greater need. When will we stop believing that going deeper into debt as individuals somehow helps our economy which staggers under its greatest debt load in all of American history? My trip to Target or Payless Shoes will help solve our nation's problems how exactly???!!!

Last month, a group of women began gathering in room 242 on Wednesday nights at our church, all thinking to ourselves, "Yes, we can" tell the truth of our own lives without having to hide or lie or be ashamed of who we are. I love watching them write and doodle and flip through their books, and fill pages with the words that flow from their hearts and pens.

Last year, my son made the decision to leave our nest and fly on his own: into the big, bad world of "real school." Once he successfully navigated the admissions process and was accepted at Charlotte Christian, we sat down as a family thinking, "Yes, we can" do what it takes to make this a good year for him and for our family. And whether he decides to continue at Charlotte Christian next year or come back home to "real school," he and I will spend some quality time together figuring out ways to make his education the best it can be. We have always done that and "Yes, we can" - and will - continue to do just that.

Last century, nearly five decades ago, freedoms fighters, marchers, bus riders, sit-in demonstrators, businessmen, lawyers, doctors, nurses, homemakers, firefighters, police officers, voting officials, school officials, parents, children, politicians, neighbors, maids, bus drivers, faced each other in sometimes violent, always tense confrontations, each thinking to him or herself, "Yes, we can" win this war for and against the Civil Rights of millions of disenfranchised Americans.

Thanks be to God that justice prevailed, that righteousness trumped power,
and as a result of their bold actions
people like the mesmerizing Barack Obama can speak to thousands,
inspire individuals to action,
and run for President of These United States of America.

Yes, he can.
Yes, we can.

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Lisa said...

I'm cheering right along with you on this post, my dear Gail! You raise many valid reasons for celebration.


Regarding Daniel and his schooling, I think it's great that you have worked together as a family to make it work, regardless of the outcome. So many parents have an agenda for their kids and just force it on them. Since I met you and spent time in your house, I have been continually impressed with the inclusive nature of your parenting. I admire how you value your children for WHO they are as individuals and give their VOICES a place in this world!

And, yeah, we were shouting loudly for the Giants' win last night, too!

We have so many reasons to say YES, WE CAN! Isn't it wonderful?