Friday, February 15, 2008

Did you dare?

In an earlier blog I mentioned that on this last trip to Rome, I visited the Pantheon several times. There is something about that huge hole in the roof, that space that lets in rain and sunshine that touched me in a different way this time. As I've thought about it, I am reminded of the risks of being open, of letting in love and anguish, joy and sorrow, of telling stories and sharing secrets. There is great risk, yes, but there is also great joy. Life may get messy because of it, but I wouldn't trade my messy, sticky, prickly, untamed, unpredictable life for a neat, tidy, simple, unruffled, uncomplicated existence ever. Ever.

Again I ask, did you dare?
Did you tell someone you love them?
Did you laugh long and loud?
Did you smile openly and warmly?
Did you hug and cuddle?

Did you send a note, an email, a text that left no doubt about your love?
Did you send a note of thanks to those who did that for you?
Did you call the ones who live too far away?
Did you reminisce about the loves of your life, the many loves you have known?
Did you give thanks for each of them, the many lovely, beautiful, handsome, dear friends and loved ones with whom you are traversing this life's journey?

I love this Bernini statue in Rome. It makes me want to stand there and shout about my joy, my love, my heart. It reminds me of that commercial where the man stands in the Piazza di San Marco in Venice and shouts, "I love this woman." Or is it the woman who shouts, "I love this man"?

I did!
(No, I didn't go to Venice and shout about my love,
but I did tell some dear ones how dear they are.)
It felt great.
I'm not done with sharing the love yet - and that feels great too!

PS. It's not too late to spread some love today.
Every day is Love Day - if we will it to be.
Who are you gonna love today?


Ella said...

Though I have not been to Rome, my husband has. He said the Pantheon is an architectural feat. Amazingly beautiful. And the last photo reminds me of the old love story/film, "Three Coins In The Fountain."

No, I think just keeping it all inside is worse them meeting life straight on, but that's me.
Sometime that has lead to other pain, but it happens at times.

I'm reading a great book, "Life As We Would Want It ... Life As We Are Given It," by Ken Gire. It won two Gold Medallion awards and two C. S. Lewis awards, describing just what you've discussed here. "Learn to let God bring beauty out of life's trouble and give you eyes to see what once seemed to be destruction turns out to be creation."

But hiding ourselves away unless a "monk" accomplishes nothing. Time out is necessary at times. If we do hide away how do we become what God intends for us?

Risk are involved. I may be a slow poke at times, but I get around to doing things eventually. I have my days of joy, sorrow alike, but denial and leaving things unsaid or unsettled is no way to live a life I've found.

One of my greatest joys this week has been reconnecting with my childhood friend Cindy I've have known since we were babies. We spent summers together and had great fun as kids. We lost touch over the years. We've been talking almost everyday. Also I did get another sweet Valentine gift - - a glass blown "bleeding heart" from my another dear friend I call Cind(her name is Cindy too).

I rather live it with passion and love, even fail then to wallow forever in self pity. My post at the moments aren't humorous, but a reflection of my life as it is the here and now.

I got a wonderful notes throughout the week of encouragement while sick and worrying about my brother from Amy, and it helped me a lot too. So much so those simple acts helped settle my immune system. I was actually able to go to a friend shops that has all these wonderful things from underneath the earth, minerals and such. Some pieces that looks like art work. Didn't buy anything just looked.

Blessings and love Gail,


Amy said...

I love the photos! I'm so envious of your and Ella's photo talent!

One of my Lenten mantras is to see others as God sees them and to love others as God loves them. This is not always easy. Today's Gospel reading in my devotional dealt with that very matter.

I hope yoru week has been filled with love!

Lisa said...

I shared lots of love this week! And received much in return :-)

Thursday was a great day! Even the patients at work were wishing us a Happy Valentine's Day!

It's so wonderful to love and be loved. To feel the deep, honest, content, soul-touching, profound, mysterious, joyous love of my mate. And also the new, exciting, wonderful, connected, *real*, soul-stirring, spirit-dancing love of friends like you! And then the life-long, patient, enduring, wise, growing, long-suffering, love of my family.

Thank you for reminding us how wonderful love is!

(And, stupid college kid that I was, I didn't go IN the Pantheon!!! We took pictures from outside, but didn't go in. DOH! )

Shalet said...

I LOVE Rome! We went there in September. I hope someday we can go back. I wanted to get the photo of the pantheon but there were lots and lots of people in my way. Dagnamit! Well, maybe next time. You have yourself a gorgeous photo there and wonderful sentiment as well. :o)