Thursday, February 07, 2008

Once again, Gail, keep it in perspective...

Blog surfing this morning.
Went over to Jen Lemen.
Followed her link to Jen Ballantyne.
Followed her link to Meg.

Followed all that up with prayer.
For healing for Jen Ballantyne.
For more time with her sons.
For family and friends and others who care to surround her.
For the light of life to shine on and in her.
For a friend I know who is desperate to have a child.
For another who is pregnant with her third child at a time when neither she nor her husband have jobs.
For someone I know who is struggling with ongoing, low-grade, but persistent depression.
For those who are facing layoffs, repossession of homes and cars, and growing piles of bills.
For the families that lost their homes and loved ones in yesterday's storms here in the South.

Followed all that up with words of thankfulness.
For the great bounty of food we enjoy.
For our warm and strong home.
For our health and strength.
For the friends who love and encourage me, those near and far.
For soap and lotion and toothpaste.
For shoes and shirts and skirts.
For birds and squirrels and little Maya.

Once again, Gail, keep it in perspective.

PS. The top and bottom photos were taken by Kristiana, my quick-learning in-house photographer.
The middle one is a salad at Copper, our favorite Indian restaurant in Charlotte. That was taken while on a lunch date with Lisa and Kristiana.


Amy said...

I was thinking about perspective yesterday (as I drove in silence!). When I'm running late, and there is a slow vehicle in front of me, is the car really going slow, or does my running late skew my perception?

My prayer adn thanksgiving list continues to increase, too. Sometimes I think praying is the only thing I can do.

BTW, Krisitana's photo is BEAUTIFUL! The girl has talent (like her mother)!

Meg Casey said...

This is lovely Gail, thank you. What a beautiful prayer.

Jen Ballantyne said...

Dear Gail, thank you so much, I am touched to be prayed for by you, I have truly been inspired by the love and generosity of spirit I have been shown from bloggers, whom many of are dear friends in my heart and mind. It does seem strange to think of it logically I guess, we have never even met and yet, my heart and soul calls these dear people friends and the love I feel from them is so very real. I am comforted and supported and I cannot thank everyone enough. Take good care Gail and thanks again. Jen B. xx

Jena Strong said...

This is beautiful.

Ella said...


You're a gentle and thoughtful soul. God reads our hearts, He knows us best. I'm blessed and thankful for many things. As my Mom always has told me one need not look far to find someone else who has problems bigger then our own.

Prayers for others and prayers for perseverance over our "perceived woes" of the smaller things is necessary at times. I believe it is the best medicine we have to give in loving one another. The rain falls on hearts many times for those that feel and care deeply for others.

You're a good person, and an "anchor" for many when one feels adrift. I come here for a
insightful lift of the heart and some other stops along the way. There are many tragedies in the world, and my heart cries out for social justice for many, but your words, "all manner of things shall be well" always resonates with me.

Some days are harder then others and that's LIFE in an imperfect world we all struggle to understand.

Blessings Friend,


Shelby said...

You have a beautiful soul.

Hugs this Sunday morning...

Smell Goods '98™ said...

Yes, keeping it all in perspective. Krisitana is talented! That has inspired me to post one of Toviel's shots on my blog.