Thursday, February 21, 2008

All My Children: A Photo Essay

Kristiana has a new best friend: her camera. They are quickly becoming inseparable. She is the creator of all of today's images.

(Aside here: I must be bringing her up with a serious iron fist. The other day she asked if it was okay for her to go outside and take pictures. My favorite answer to questions like that is, "Why would I say 'no' to something like that?")

This first photo is for her most recent photography class project. She needed to photograph something that begins with the letter "a"; she chose "argyle." So she, Daniel, and I donned argyle socks...

Three self-portraits.

And three photos of her brother - who came home from an evening out with his father. With his hair highlighted. No comment.


Amy said...


I went through that highlighting phase (actually it was bleaching) with my older son. After my initial freaking out, I decided to go with the flow and not remark on it, except to occasionally remind him that there was beautiful black hair underneath. The phase passed; it was a brief one as he tested the waters.

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers!

Ella said...

Hope your son is better. I love the name Daniel. The Elton John song too.

Great pictures and as a photographer once told me who photographed every President since Nixon said, " Just shoot, shoot, shoot." Pictures that is.

That was his secret he said because you never know how the lighting will be. Some of my best pictures have been when I thought they'd be bad. My worst when I thought they'd be good.



Shelby said...

My son wanted his hair highlighted for sooooooooo long.. still does I guess. He hasn't done it yet. YOUR children are simply the socks photo!

Smell Goods '98™ said...

Oops! I did not read this post before seeing you yesterday. I commented on how much I love Daniel's natural hair color not knowing this.

Smell Goods '98™ said...

I love Krisitana's second self portrait!

Lisa said...


Her photos are FABULOUS! What fun :-)

Regarding the highlights...this too shall pass. (Remember: "What's the worst things about this?")