Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My life journey

I love to travel. Be on the road. New places. New people. New foods. New memories. New stuff to stick into my journal. I often dream of spending weeks, months, even years overseas.

In one of the many books I have read in the past few weeks, I read about a woman who feels like Hawaii is the place where her soul feels most at home. The beautiful landscape, the flora, and fauna. Someone said to her, "But Hawaii is right here." No, not the volcanoes or the pineapple trees. But her soul, your soul, my soul is right here, right now.

Timely reminder for me: Madrid and Rome are right here. London and Lisbon are right here. I am here: the same desire to explore, to grow, to be challenged and changed - it's all right here in Charlotte. And when I need a visual reminder, I can drive to and down International Drive.

The cross-street at the intersection with International Drive
is Providence Road.

On the road. On my life journey. Daily. Hourly.
So many other pilgrims, potholes, potential detours.
Power cables, power surges, power outages.
It's all there, in front of me, within me, and all around me.

Another quote: Even when I feel unnerved, (I add: when I feel lost, afraid, abandoned, misunderstood, confused, and reluctant to try again)
I am on the journey.
On the way to wisdom, peace.
I incline my mind and heart in the direction of insight.
(Again, I add: I incline my mind and heart
in the direction of transformation, growth, and Love.)


Amy said...

It's amazing what we can find in our own backyards when we really take the time to discover. In these days of astronomical gas prices, exploring my own local scenery is high on my sumer "travel" list!

Lisa said...

Yes. I'm right there with you. Beauty, love, peace, tranquility, awe, wonder, inspiration...are indeed *all around us*, everywhere. We must *choose* to notice and take them in - redirecting our paths away from hate, fear, boredom, worry - each time towards love, joy, peace.

God is love. Beauty is truth, and truth, beauty. It's just that simple.