Thursday, June 05, 2008

Doing Things Badly

Just got my monthly e-letter from SARK. She's a creative, colorful, funny, insightful writer who produces books that make me smile, create, and live more intentionally. This month's letter is called, "Doing More Things Badly."

I like that. I intend to follow this example as well.

Why not do a few things badly ever now and tehn?
Why not mispel a few wrods?
Why not leave the vacuum cleaner in the middle of the floor?
Why not overcook the veggies and undercook the rice?
Why not publish bad photos as well as good ones?

What harm can really be done with doing a few things badly every now and then -
and simply accepting, no, embracing how imperfect i am???!!!

Besides, as SARK points out, doing some things badly is better than not doing them at all.

For example, loving Steve and the kids badly is better than not loving them. Journaling badly or inconsistently is better than not at all.
Reading and not remembering what I read is better than not reading at all.
Same thing with cooking, cleaning, laundry, and writing letters.
Same thing with leaving messages, sending emails, and writing postcards.
What does a bad postcard look like?

Please don't write to me and try to set me straight about this.
Don't write to me with proof that this is a dangerous way to live.
Don't write to me and tell me that doing certain things badly IS bad.

Rather, write to me and tell me what things can be done badly and have no harm result. Write with an example of how someone did something badly, but you still loved it. Write about when you did something poorly and good results came anyway.

Let's celebrate our imperfection together.


Karen said...

Bad is especially good for seeing that there is no bad or good except to that bad girl who does such a good job of pronouncing things good but mostly bad. Even now she's reading this comment to herself and saying it's not very good. My bad.

Amy said...

Y knot?

Shelby said...

Chheerz to alllllll that!

Smell Goods Lady said...

How else would you learn to except yourself if you don't do things badly. I have done plenty of bad things. So thankful for second chances.