Saturday, June 21, 2008

How I'm Feeling This Afternoon

Photo by Kristiana,

A little shaky.
A little blurred.
A little lonely.
Missing friends.
Not looking forward to Daniel going away to camp tomorrow.

Happy that Kristiana returned safely from camp yesterday.
Full of chocolate, pizza, ice water, and raspberry squares.
Looking forward to Blogher in a few weeks!

All at the same time.

Did anybody see the full moon this week?
Che bella la luna.


lisa said...

Yes, I saw the moon. It rises in front of our house, out over the golf course. I do my best to stand out in the front yard and stare at it, soak it in whenever I can.

Love this photo of you. You look different to me somehow not because of the blurry, fuzzy aspect - just different than when I last saw you.

Hooray for Kristiana's safe return and Daniel's beginning adventure. :-)

Amy said...

I'm envious you're going to Blogher! Envious!

Yes I saw that moon ... breathtaking!