Tuesday, January 29, 2008

There will be coffee...

There will be tea and writing and reading and tears.
There will be peace and quiet and probing and questions.
There will be cutting and gluing and wandering and wondering.

I am taking a few days off.

To adjust to Kristiana's photography class schedule.

To deal with Daniel's increased need for homework help these days.

To prepare to teach two classes.

To begin writing four sessions for an upcoming retreat.

To send out birthday cards and presents to family and friends.

To keep the house in order, the family in clean clothes, and the dog in food.

To answer phone calls and emails.

To read the works of more thoughtful people than myself.

To answer the questions of more inquisitive people than myself.

To figure out ways to live more simply, to shop less, and to love more.

To let go of things and relationships I no longer need in my life.

To increase time and attention I spend on and with those that I need more of.

To cook, clean, and get ready for a Super Bowl party.

To try to find time to take care of me in the midst of all of it.

I'll be back.



Amy said...

Time off, in every area of life, is critical. It's restorative. Come back soon, Gail!

jmgb said...

i'll miss you.