Saturday, January 05, 2008

Still in Roma...

but not for much longer. Just one full day left and then an early departure on Monday morning. A long flight to Chicago, a ninety minute layover, and then a flight to Charlotte. (That type of route is the cost of flying on frequent flier miles... Plus there is the fact that Charlotte Douglas International Airport has no direct flights to Spain or Italy... London, yes. Frankfurt, yes. Lots of Caribbean and South American countries, yes. But flights to either of my two favorite overseas escapes, not yet. C'est la vie.)

I am calling on all my prayer warrior friends to lift me up on Monday, my long day of travel. With such a short layover in Chicago - and having to get through customs and find my connecting flight - I am nervous about missing the second flight. Please pray that it all goes well and without much delay. Pray that they will let me take my bag with me onto the plane - it's just one of those little rolling bags... yes, I travel very lightly. Thank you in advance for all your support in these final days.

Thanks also to all of you who have prayed already, who have sent emails and posted comments here on the blog. I am enormously grateful for all of your thoughts and words and support. Often during the day I think of my friends and loved ones and smile. I often sit down in churches and museums and restaurants and write in my journal, thinking of stories for my blog, lessons for my upcoming journaling class, working on Shimelle's Journal Your Christmas ideas and giving thanks for all the ways in which this journey has made me stronger, more peaceful, and more accepting of all that God has in mind for me every day. So many surprises, moments of sheer joy, grace, providence, and mercy beyond all measure. Truly, this journey has been beyond all I ever thought or imagined.

I look forward to getting home, downloading the hundreds of photos and two videos I have taken, and decompressing, as it were. I have picked up many trinkets to give to family and friends as well.

One of the final sites for me tomorrow will be the Ara Pacis, the ancient altar to peace. I will find a quiet corner there, take a seat, and pray for peace. For peace all over the world. For peace in the lives of all of you who write to me, think of me, and pray for me. For all of you who read but never comment. For those of you who comment, send emails, and have even come to meet me... LISA!!! And for those I have yet to meet but know that I will.

Peace. Paz. Pace.
To all.
Ciao from Roma.


Amy said...

You will be in my prayers. and, yes, please pray for peace. The news from aound the world is discouraging and scary. I count myself among your blog friends who will meet you this year! Safe travels, Gail!

jmgb said...

prayer and peace indeed.

Lisa said...!

I am grateful and relieved that you're having such a spectacular time.

Wish I could be there to experience the peace with you. Please soak it in for me.

I'll be praying...


Anonymous said...

I know 'exactly' how you feel re. connecting flights. My many many past experiences however have taught me that all to do with airlines are out of our control!! I hope you have a tension-free journey and look forward to catching up with you once you're back home. Love, Monee.

Shelby said...

sending peace and virtual hugs!!

Lori said...

Gail, hope you had a wonderful time. Wow. Looking forward to seeing you in April. Have much to share. Your blog about that was spurred on by Juno meant more to me than you know. Bless your heart and the way you portray words on paper and on the blog.
Blessings Lori

Laurie said...

Gail, personally, I missed you a lot. I check your bog site a couple times a day just hoping that some new news would appear. I love having lived my life through you with all your glorious travels. yes, my dear, you have been missed and we are waiting for for you to arrive to your "cyber" welcome home party! We will all be there! *smile!