Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A quote I found earlier today...

A quote I've been thinking about. It came from an ad I found in a magazine (thanks, Kim!) for some kind of alcohol.

"At some point in time a man switches from
'I'll have what he's having'
to 'I'll have what I'm having.'"

Allow me to rewrite that in my own voice:

At some point in time, a woman switches from
"I'll have what she's having
I'll wear what she's wearing
I'll drive what she's driving
I'll live the way she lives
I'll buy what she's buying
I'll believe what she believes"

- to something entirely different.
Something new. True. Authentic. Personal.
But what exactly?

I'm still working on my rewrite.


Shelby said...

Fantastic. :)

Amy said...

Love this! I could never be in a sorority because I'm a noncomformist of sorts.

Ella said...

Love this.

That glass of wine is appealing. I've been drawn to the "organics" now thanks to a certain "green friend" I have.

A writer is never satisfied with their rewrites. I write, re-write and think some more. All writers do that.

I think the only "final words" will be our epitaph, and I've had those written for awhile (just in case)I rather describe me then some else doing so.