Saturday, January 12, 2008

25 Things I Love about my life right now

1. being at home on a chilly Saturday evening

2. watching my children play basketball - both of their teams won! Daniel has another game in an hour...

3. homemade pizza

4. writing in my journal

5. reading Thomas Merton's Dialogues with Silence

6. talking to friends on the phone

7. chocolate brought home from Spain

8. reading blogs I love: there are many, many wise women out there in the blogosphere

9. rain

10. sunshine

11. listening to my ipod while ironing (I admit to liking to iron when I am listening to music. otherwise not so much)

12. going to the supermarket - such bounty from which to choose

13. reading novels with Kristiana and discussing them (We just finished I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings. Next up: Their Eyes Were Watching God)

14. cuddling with Steve on the couch ... and in bed

15. watching Maya climb into her new bed and lie down

16. ice wine

17. earl gray tea

18. german rock sugar from teavana

19. my blue fleece slippers

20. the welcome home sign the kids made for me

21. the scent of the candle Steve gave me for Christmas

22. the lemon soap I bought in the shop just off the Campo di Fiori in Rome

23. looking at the photographs from my trip

24. stilton cheese with chunks of lemon

25. crawling into bed and resting my weary head on my super-firm pillow


Elmer Neumanberg said...
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Amy said...

The simple things in life the the best! You captured them (And now I'm hungry thinking of iced wine, cheese, tea, etc!) Enjoy today, Gail!

Laurie said...

I love your prompt Gail. I hope you don't mind that I make my own list of 25 things I love about my life right now. (I hope you see it as a compliment) *smile I love your writing. I feel like I really know you and I am blessed.

Smell Goods '98™ said...

#13 Their Eyes Were Watching God. Years ago this became one of my favorites.

#14 Me too, with Tovijah.

#18 Girl.. I am about to go get some out of my pantry right now! That is some good sugar!

Life is sweet.

Thank you for stopping by today (29th) and posting.