Tuesday, November 06, 2007


This is what my typical pile of books looks like as I exit the library. Who do I think I'm kidding? How did I think I could read that many books of poetry and poetry analysis in three weeks? I did enjoy the poetry of Mary Oliver. The love letters were a little more raunchy than I was prepared for...


I was talking to a good friend last week about three or four books that I am reading. Yes, three or four books at the same time. After I rambled on a bit about the book on muddled American politics, the book on how to find a middle ground in all our religious arguments, and a book on how to strengthen our marriage - I didn't even mention the two books that I am going to be teaching in the coming months - she asked, "Gail, do you ever think about reading something light?" I laughed and explained to her that since I so rarely have inspiring, challenging, or interesting conversations live and in person, I try to use my reading time to keep my brain active and stimulated.

Later I thought more about what she asked, and decided it was time to give my over-stimulated brain a break. Not long after, I picked up a novel by A. S. Byatt at the library. It is too dense for me at the moment. I need something lighter. A novel. A page-turner.

Can anybody out there recommend a few good books?


Ella said...


Thank heavens you haven't seen my office with all the books and other stuff I have stack around. Yikes it's a fright.

You're a beautiful person with a big heart! I love reading your blogs. Hey your photos are darn good too!


Lisa said...

Hey! My piles of books from the library look just like that! Right now, I have several stacks of them on my dining room table. Current categories are: thyroid disease, peace, the 1960's, diet/exercise. Oy!

Let's see...a good/funny page turner...hmmm....
-A Girl Named Zippy
-Lucky (not so funny but excellent)
-Lovely Bones (ditto the above)
-Anything by David Sedaris (we like to listen to them on CD since his voice adds so much)

I'm looking around at my bookshelves now and, as you, am guilty of owning way too much serious stuff! It's like 99% non-fiction/self-help/though-provoking vs. 1% fiction. Yikes!

Let's make a pact to start reading more funny stuff, okay?

Shelby said...

I just have boring school books right now.. but I'd love to know some of your favorites.. :)

Laurie said...

I know, I know, probably everybody in the entire world has read this book before but I just got around to it a couple of weeks ago and enjoyed it immensely. The book is "Tuesdays with Morrie". I want to be like Morrie! What a great book!!! It's a fast read and heartfelt.

jmgb said...

okay, the last page turner i read was "Between, Georgia"...
i wound up spending a thursday an entire thursday in bed reading it! (pre-employment that is:)

Wenda said...

Took a look back over my books-read list to see if I could help and discovered it's time for me to lighten up a little, too.

My only light reads this year were one of the No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency series and one of Sue Grafton's alphabetical crime/detective stories.

The pages of Eve Green by Susan Fletcher, The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold were quick to turn, but neither of the stories was light.

I look forward to seeing what other suggestions you receive.