Friday, November 16, 2007

It defies all logic...

Last night, we walked through a local shopping mall - heading back to a tea shop that Lisa thoroughly enjoyed earlier in the week. To our horror, Santa is already set up and taking photos with children. What about Thanksgiving? Why do we celebrate shopping but spend precious little time publicly or collectively giving thanks for the thousands of things we already have? Anyway, we stood beside the tree and took photos. Lisa, the same woman who taught me (in a single email) how to upload photos and add links to my blog, taught me how to take good self-portraits. I did this one myself!!! She has taught me more than she will ever know.
I won't try to explain it, because I cannot.

But there are moments in life when people appear and relationships are born.
There are connections that are instant

I've had a few in my life, precious few.
This is one of them.
Thanks be to God.


Lisa said...

Hi dear friend :-) You WIN for getting our photo posted first!!!

Don't we look FABULOUS?!?

Thanks so much for all the love and generosity, hugs and smiles you bestowed during my visit. It was just incredible.

GailNHB said...

I'm glad you are home safely - well, you can consider our place your home anytime! Yes, I was glad to post our photo. What a time we had. What a friendship we have. What a future we will share. I miss you already, my dear, dear friend. Next time, you will have to bring your beloved hubby.

Anonymous said...

Truly neat moments in time to see through the camera this week. I love it when I see my best buddies. My dearest friend since we were 4 lives near Monterey, CA. Friendship is a gift, but lasting ones that touch the heart are few and far between. There is just something wonderful when two new friendships are formed. The looks on both your faces show the friendship that has bloomed between you both. I hope it continues to grow.

God bless you both,


Amy said...

Well, just look at the two of you! What beautiful women with beautiful smiles (and one with a new crown!)! This meeting of you and Lisa is so exciting. I'm so happy the two of you have had what seems to be a few days of nearly indescribable bonding and joy.

BTW, I read your comment, and I will email you my address.

Shelby said...

absolutely beautiful!!! ...on the words, faces and souls ...