Thursday, November 22, 2007

Giving Thanks

This has been a long day. I woke up at 5 to pull a few things out of the fridge in preparation for the big meal.

Three of us went to the church at 6 to help pack meals for needy families (Daniel didn't even open his eyes when I asked if he wanted to go - he shook his weary head)... wrong time! My fault - oops. So Steve, Kristiana, and I came home for two hours and returned to the church at 8...right time - yeah!

Although there are lots of organizations and churches that pack more than 100 family meals (a whole turkey, stuffing, green beans, gravy, cranberry sauce, rolls, and a pie), it is quite moving to see dozens of people scooping all of the above into containers, wrapping turkeys, going up and down the church elevator with pies and turkeys that parishoners are dropping off... As I taped cardboard boxes together, I prayed for each family that would receive a meal, and I gave thanks for the tremendous gift it is to be able to provide for our children as we do when there are so many who cannot. It was truly an assembly line of blessings.

Back home to cook, bake, do some last minute cleaning, shower, get dressed, set the kitchen and dining room tables, and prepare for a group of 11 - which included the widower and two of the children of my dear friend, Karen, who passed away back in April. We enjoyed lots of food, laughter, pie, sparkling cider, and more food. Several guests fell asleep during the Detroit-Green Bay football game. Nice.

The last guest is gone. We are quieting down for a cozy night of snuggling and recovering. I plan to sleep in late tomorrow morning.

But I'll be up for the tea party at 10! I'm going to throw my warm purple robe over the post at the end of the bed before I go to sleep and keep my book and journal nearby for the morning's planned rest and relaxation.

Please join me - wherever you are, whoever you're with. Tea and pie at 10.
I'll be right here.
Happy Thanksgiving night to all of you.
Especially you...


Shelby said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you too! :)

Kim Larsen said...

Hello -

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The site is just starting out, but it's looking promising already, I think!

Kim Larsen

Amy said...


I wish I could have had tea and pie with you!