Thursday, November 29, 2007

Am I the only one...

This photo was taken at the airport here in Charlotte while I waited for my flight to White Plains for the writing group gathering. Traveling light. Traveling well. Traveling. I love to travel. I miss being on the road. Am I the only one?


Am I the only one who manages to follow up one fantastic day of basking in joy and grace and peace with three days of tears and frustration and feeling sorry for myself?

No, nothing in particular.
Just feeling a little down.
A little lonely.
A little hormonal.

Am I the only one?


jmgb said...

nope. not the only one. check me out.
i am crying all the time, for too many reasons...

giovanna said...

i echo lulliloo. i felt as though you had written the words i had been wondering myself. thanks for letting me know that i am not alone!

you are not the only one...

Amy said...


You're completely normal! I. too, am hormonal right now, and I've been on a well-concealed pity party these past few days. I'm at such a crossroads in my life, and I have to make certain decisions.

We women are in this midlife thing together!

Lisa said...

Oh, dear Gail...of course not! We must be in sync because I'm hormonal too :-0 How can it be that we have such drastic mood/feeling swings in the course of a week, a day, and hour?

What I do know for sure is that God is faithful and everything will be okay, no matter what. My mantra at times like this is "This too shall pass".

May peace and joy (and chocolate!) be yours today.

Ella said...

I always feel a lingering sadness to life to a certain degree. But we cry and find ways to cope (I think. The world and life are bittersweet to a certain degree---a bit like dark chocolate I love to eat or like a rainbow we sometimes have the chance to see after a storm passes. But I look to the stars sometimes early in the morning and remember even with tears and loneliness how lucky I'm to be alive and be here in Gods grace.

Shelby said...

been there done that. million times.

hugs. big warm ones.