Saturday, June 23, 2007

Wouldn't it be wonderful if...

we surprised someone at the supermarket or some other place of business and allowed the person with the crying child or the longest face or the shortest temper to cut in front of us in the line?

we each sent a handwritten "snail mail" letter to a friend or relative every week?

at least one night per week, we each shared dinner with people whose company we enjoy (a different person or group each week - of course)?

everyone that we loved knew without a doubt exactly how we feel?

everyone knew all the people who live on their block - or in their apartment building - by name and greeted each other with kindness each time they saw each other?

the "silent treatment" were not experienced as punishment but rather as a time to enjoy the sounds of the world around us without feeling the urge to fill the air with words?

each of the women I love most in the world could get together and meet each other and we could celebrate friendship and womanhood and each other?

I could do the same with all the men I love?

no one raised their eyebrows or sucked in a quick deep breath when they read the fact that there are "men" in my life that I love? ("Plural, Gail? That's a little dangerous, isn't it? Does Steve know?" That's what you were thinking, right???)

high heeled shoes, mini-skirts, bare midriff shirts, tiny waistlines and large boobs were not the tools and measures of female beauty, but rather the quickness and width of smiles, the brightness of eyes, and the strength of hugs?

men didn't measure their manhood in terms of their sexual prowess, the age and make of their automobiles, or the size of their paychecks, but rather by the frequency of the hugs they give and receive, the depth of their friendships, and the number of times they mentor, encourage, and play uncompetitively with a child they know?

fear, revenge, and anger were abandoned as motivations for political and relational decisions, and mercy, grace, and peace were embraced far more often?

every child heard both parents say "I love you" every day - and know that they both really meant it?

every person heard those words every day from someone who really did love them?

I didn't feel the need to qualify most of these statements due to the way in which men, women, and especially children are abused and misused in our world?

you clicked on the link to Jen Lemen's blog and gave some thought to her current blog - which inspired me to write this one?

each person who read this blog - and Jen's - would add to the list? Please!!!

PS. thanks to all of you who have added comments in the past few days.
Your words are greatly appreciated.


Nancy said...

adding to the list....
"drunk driver" was a term that never had to be invented

working moms got at least 6 months off work after having a baby rather than the customary 6 weeks

the arts were valued in all of our public schools

Lisa in Ohio said...

...if we could sit with our "enemies" - in silence - on the shore -watching the sunset - feeling the breeze - hearing the surf...realizing our similarities and that the life that beats in each of us comes from the same source.