Saturday, June 02, 2007

"Today I am Gratituding for..."

* That wonderful verb my children made up for giving thanks: "to gratitude"

* the rain that is falling outside. We need it desperately.

* a few hours of time home alone (with Maya) while Steve and the children head off in different directions for time with their friends. I am here at home with my very best friend - me!

* the joy of cooking by and for myself: a mixed-up pasta dish with broccoli, tomatoes, pasta sauce, cheese, pepperoni, and elbow noodles borrowed from a neighbor - there's nothing like starting a pot of sauce and then figuring out that you have no pasta. I have decided to call it "pizza pasta."

* eating my salad and "pizza pasta" alone in the family room while watching French Open tennis on television

* chocolate with almonds and toffee for dessert

* the chance to watch Daniel's baseball team win two games this morning. I still find it very difficult to believe that I have a ten-year-old son who pitches, catches, and plays outfield on a baseball team. And sitting next to me was my 13-year-old daughter who is nearly as tall as I am. Me! Half the time, I barely feel old enough to drive; how is it possible that I am the mother of a teenager?

* the end of our homeschooling year

* the fact that I have homeschooled my children for nine years and will continue to teach my daughter at home while Daniel heads off to school in the fall

* the pile of books I plan to read this summer: oh, the places I'll go!

* peace like a river that flows through and over me in waves lately

* knowing that I can draw from the well of peace and strength when I feel worry and weakness coming on

* birthday celebrations with and for friends

* the sound of birds on our windowsill in the morning. Twice this month, I have been awakened by birds after I had turned off my alarm and then stayed in bed. They have acted as my snooze alarms. Both times I smiled and thanked them for singing me awake.

* the warmth and friendliness of Charlotteans: Kristiana and I met Shelly and her two beautiful red-headed children, Caine and Celeste, at Caribou Coffee this morning. She told us that they go there every Saturday morning, and every week they make new friends. They even know the names of the dogs of some of the people they meet. This morning on the way there, Caine asked his mom if she thought they would make new friends today; she answered that she thought they would. She was right.

* Right now I am gratituding for this life.
This day. This moment.
Thanks be to God.

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Andrew said...

Amen for the rain!