Thursday, June 21, 2007

Thankful Thursday

Some time ago, I became enamored with the idea of keeping a list of life's simple pleasures. Not the big stuff, like life and health and a house I love, but the little stuff.

Like playing catch with my son
taking a lemonade and sweet tea break between 2 sessions of catch with him
brownies with Andes' candies melted on top

rediscovering the beauty of calligraphy: why did I ever stop?
organizing scrapbook and cardmaking supplies
finding the perfect sketch pad for collage making
finding it in my stash of stuff in the dining room

sandalwood rose sugar scrub in the shower
clean hair
clipped and filed fingernails
a Sunday afternoon pedicure - complete with the paraffin dip

journaling on the big red couch in the living room
Sabrina Ward Harrison books, especially Brave on the Rocks
The Decorated Page - a book on creative journaling
pulling all those books out at a time when I'm feeling uncreative

planning on a trip to Starbucks tomorrow morning
taking that cup to go
getting on the road to go pick Kristiana up from a week of sleepaway camp
listening to her stories of her time away

praying for my 16-year-old niece who is in Spain for the summer
calling her on the night before she left to wish her traveling mercies
recommending that she buy a journal to chronicle her voyage
reading the email she sent today: she's loving the journal
wishing I could be there with her
knowing she will love my favorite country in the world

watching "The Lost City" - an Andy Garcia film about Cuba
listening to the commentary on the film
falling in love with Havana, Cuba, and Andy himself
how wonderfully handsome, debonair, and intelligent he is
discovering Ines Sastre, a Spanish actress and model
learning more about the history of Cuba

going out to dinner tonight with Steve and Daniel, my two leading men
leaving right now


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