Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day -

To fathers everywhere.
To fathers who are with their children
and fathers who are separated from them.
To fathers who have lost their children
and fathers whose children are yet to be born.
May you all learn to be the very best fathers you can be.
And above all, may you know the love of Our Heavenly Father in your own lives.

Happy Father's Day to children also.
To children whose fathers were/are fabulous
and to those whose fathers were/are dreadful.
To those whose fathers love them and those whose fathers abuse them.
To those who know their fathers
and those who do not.
May all the children of the world - young and old alike -
know the love of our Heavenly Father,
His true, deep, pure, and perfect love.

I miss my father today. Well, I miss him everyday, but today especially. He was one of the good ones: present, attentive, loving, kind, encouraging, and careful to live an exemplary life as a husband and father in the best sense of both of those words.

Happy Father's Day!

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Rahul Divay said...

wow!!...i love this post of yours. You've written this as if straight from the heart!

Its fun reading some of your posts!