Friday, November 03, 2006

What are you dreaming about?

Earlier this week I began to read a book by SARK called Making Your Creative Dreams Real. Colorful, challenging, and encouraging, this book is making me look at myself and my life through newly enlightened eyes. Lots of questions have bubbled to the surface.

What have I always dreamt that I could do or be?
What were some of my childhood dreams for my life?
Have any of those dreams changed?
If not, am I pursuing any of them?

The good news is that I have rediscovered some of my childhood dreams.
Turns out I have always wanted to:
Be a wife and mother.
Be a teacher.
Read and write a lot.

The more exciting news is that I have figured out ways to combine and expand on those dreams. Nowadays my dream includes the desire to be a teacher who travels all over the world telling stories, sharing tips on how to live a grace-filled, wonder-filled, joy-filled life. I want to meet men and women who are living out their dreams (even if their "day jobs" don't have anything to do with those dreams), ask them how they are doing it, and then (with their permission) taking their advice, suggestions, and tips to share with others.

My greatest challenge in this area is to continue to expand on those dreams.
And to bring them to life. To live my dreams out loud. Without apology.

To make what SARK calls "micromovements" towards the accomplishment of those goals. I can make telephone calls to friends and ask if they know of someone who might benefit from a class or motivational talk I am willing to give. I can keep reading this book and stimulating my imagination to discover other movements, other venues, and other lessons I need to learn in order to keep living out my dreams. By way of encouragement, I can make lists of all the ways in which my dreams have already come true. I can transform those dreamy moments into talks and topics I'd love to teach about.

I find myself smiling a lot this week as I think about the myriad ways I can potentially live out my dreams. I find myself laughing to myself as I honor the fact that I am already living out some of them. And I am humbled by the fact that I have the time, the energy, and the support of family and friends as I seek ways to go even farther, to dig deeper, and to shine brighter in this increasingly dark and lonely world.

As fall turns into winter, I will warm myself by the fires of friendship, community, and fake gas logs in the fireplace while sippling chamomile and lavender tea.

As the stress and demands of the holidays descend upon me, I will refuse to be overwhelmed, instead taking time to relax with Steve and the children, escape to Barnes and Noble and Starbucks, and practice saying "No" to parties and other events that I don't wish to attend. Without excuse. Just a simple "No." It's okay; they will just invite someone else to take my place.

As war rages on, I will seek peace.

As personal and relational insecurity increases all around me,
I will stand strong and secure in who I am and Whose I am.

As fear and fear-mongering prevail, I will claim the truth of Psalm 23:
Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
I will fear no evil for You
(The God who Sees, The God who Heals, Provides, and Protects)
art with me.

In the midst of it all, I will keep on dreaming.
I will live out these dreams as best I can.
And I will not stop living as boldly and loudly as I can until
this aging shell that houses my
dreaming, praying, wandering, wondering soul
is laid to rest in the casket.

Until then, rock on, dudes and dudettes.
Rock on.


Goddess of Leonie said...

rock on you good thing with your dreams and your creations and your sharings

i honour your dream exploding into reality!

Zoe said...

Keep following your heart, good luck. I recommend you read Living Out Loud - activities to fuel a creative life by Keri Smith too. It's so inspiring and fun. Its on my book list.