Thursday, November 02, 2006

Thursday Thirteen: Irritation x (times) thirteen

1. Politicians who lie

2. Politicians who twist each other's words

3. Negative political ads

4. Politicians who appear at the end of ads to say "I am so-and-so, and I approve this ad."

5. All the excuses that politicians make in order to justify their selfish, unjust, unfair, financially- and morally-questionable decisions

6. The elected officials who compromise what they know is right in order to be either elected or reelected

7. The lies we believe in order to vote for the candidates we choose

8. The lies we tell in order to justify our political choices

9. The desperate scarcity of helpful information we receive from candidates in order to make informed decisions

10. Finding political propaganda on my car that tells me nothing about any particular candidate, but serves to incite my ire all the more

11. The venomous, biased, mean-spirited discussion that goes on in relation to politics

12. How little I trust our political system: will my vote be counted? Is it possible to know for sure? How sad is it that I even have to wonder about it?

13. We can make bullets to pierce armor. We can build spaceships that go into outer space and return in one piece (most of the time). We have the capacity to listen to every phone call made by anyone and everyone in this country. We can also monitor every email sent to and fro. How can it be that in this nation, the United States of America, this nation that is exporting democracy around the world, we cannot come up with a nationally established and applied standard for electing our officials? Why can't we come up with a reliable voting machine? And why is it that only now, at the time of national elections, are we hearing that there are still major problems with the voting machines that are being used all over our country?

Added on Friday, November 3rd at 3 PM: Here we go with yet another evangelical Christian/pastor/political advisor sex scandal. What is it that is so difficult for these guys to understand? If you are a closet homosexual or a pedophile or an addict of some kind or spousal abuser, please do us all a favor and don't preach publically against the lifestyle you have chosen to live in secret.

You are going to get caught.
You are going to tell a series of lies to cover your trail.
Then you will end up having to tell the truth,
humiliating yourself, your family, and your church.
Then all of us who are trying hard not to dishonor
the Name of Jesus end up having to answer for your hypocrisy.

If you wanna live in the closet, then choose a spacious one,
decorate it to your taste, and live contentedly there.
Sit back, shut up, and keep your dirty little secrets to yourself.
That's what I'm doing!!!

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