Thursday, November 16, 2006

There is so much beauty...

Today has been a glorious day.

I fell asleep last night and awoke this morning to the sound of much-needed rain. Unfortunately dozens of people here in North Carolina fell asleep to the sound of the rain and were awakened by tornadoes ripping their houses to pieces. Sometimes I feel like one of the piggies living in the brick house that the wolf wasn't able to blow down. Every time I hear of such violent storms and the havoc they wreak, I thank God for keeping us safe.

The children and I had a good morning of homeschooling: reading about the Civil War - or the War of Northern Aggression - depending on who you ask, and working together on how to write "a five paragraph essay." Our first venture is a piece on the pros and cons of homeschooling. Even though they are unlikely to use this format in any writing project other than those required in school, they have to learn how to write them. I'm determined to make the process as enjoyable as possible - so we are working on each essay together and will be careful to choose topics of interest to us.

I met a friend, Sangita, for lunch. Although I was saddened to hear of the passing of her dear father, I was glad to hear that her mother will come from India at the end of December and spend several months here in Charlotte with her family.

It is always a blessing to catch up with friends, eat good food, and have some time alone - even if it is only the time I spend in the car getting from here to there and back.

The children and I enjoyed a dinner of homemade pizza and salad together, and each of us is now spending some time alone doing things we each enjoy.

I have read several beautiful, colorful, wonder-filled blogs today. Feel free to check a couple of them out: and and There are a lot of smart, thoughtful, caring, wise women out there. I wish I knew them in person, but I am enormously grateful for the opportunity to know them online. Plus there is the quietly faith-affirming which is a website that offers readers a place for prayer and contemplation.

From here, I will head back downstairs to the kitchen for dessert - chocolate chip and toffee bars that Kristiana and I made earlier this week. Then I will put on my jammies and robe and spend a couple of hours reading and journaling and playing with colorful and creative goodies of all kinds.

Steve is away on business until Saturday afternoon, so I get to leave my sweet nothings spread out all over the bed and the floor and the chair in the corner without worrying about him tripping and falling over it.

Today has been a glorious, beautiful, most enjoyable day.
Thanks be to God.

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