Thursday, November 30, 2006

Thankful Thursday

I woke up half an hour before the alarm clock this morning.
Leaped out of bed. Mind in high gear.
Heart overflowing with gratitude.
Came to the computer.

This Thursday, I am grateful for -

my health - lots of people I know have colds, and many are seriously ill.

this home I love

the three people who live in this house with me

my happy, healthy, laughing, dancing children

the husband who loves when we laugh and dance

my wrist brace - it's aching these days because I've been doing A LOT of writing

all the amazing lessons I'm learning these days, hence all the writing

unexpected emails and messages

snail mail letters

Christmas cards from friends near and far

my little rag-tag group of Awana kids - for some strange reason they seem to like me

learning more about my digital camera - it's amazing what happens when you read the instruction booklet. My goal for December and January is to set aside time to learn how to put a picture or two here on the blog. (Can anyone give me a quick lesson? Send along any ideas to defragment my feeble understanding of how to do it?)

taking self-timed photos of myself and the kids in the waiting room at the dentist's office. That silly little son of mine likes to make "rabbit ears" behind my head.

that neither of the children had any cavities. I haven't yet told them that most kids resist daily flossing. It'll be my little secret...

the big dinner we will have tonight before Steve and Daniel go away together for a father-son retreat tomorrow

all the plans Kristiana and I have for our ladies only weekend here in the house we love. How will we ever get it all done? Perhaps we'll pull an all-nighter tomorrow night... What do you think, KNB?

synchronicity - On Tuesday, Daniel said he wanted to go to school "because they have book sales." Yesterday I received an email with an ad and coupon for a 50% off Scholastic Warehouse sale open to teachers, administrators, and HOMESCHOOLERS. We are going next week. Yeah for Daniel! I will buy him as many books as he wants; when he wants to read, we all say silent prayers of praise.

the library: I simply do not understand why that place isn't filled to overflowing every day. All those books and videos for free? Where is everybody? I picked up three books and a movie yesterday, and there's another book waiting for me now. I am as happy as a pig in slop. I confess that I sniff old books. I stand in the library and apologize silently to the stacks of books because I won't be able to read them all. I've actually thought about trying. Yes, Jill, I'm saying it in public: I am a serious geek.

the contradictions in my life - I know these previous two things are contradictory - buying books when the library is walking distance away. Honestly, one of the things I love most about myself and the way I live my life is how I am learning to embrace the contradictions. I can sing the old hymns of the church at 10:30 am and dance to Ricky Martin at noon. I can buy clothes at both Good Will and Nordstroms. I can love and adore my children and husband one minute and be ready to pack my stuff and move to Madrid ALONE an hour later. It's who I am. I am grateful that I see those contradictions and accept them. I know way too many people who either deny them or in vain seek to justify them.

I know it's still early, but I'm gonna sign off here and go finish one of the library books I picked up earlier this week: a Dietrich Bonhoeffer book on life in community. Too many books. Not enough time.

What a blessed life I lead.
Thanks be to God.

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