Sunday, May 11, 2014

Ways in which you (yes, you) have been like a mother to me...

* you pray for me and think good thoughts on my behalf

* you come visit me

* when you come visit me, you bring gifts and food and so much love with you

* when you come visit me, you cook for me because you know how much I don't like cooking

* if you can't come here, you ask me to come to where you are

* when I get to your house, you are thrilled to see me and make me feel welcome

* when I arrive at your house, you have cooked up a feast or you tell me we are going out to eat because you know I don't like cooking

* when I am at your house, you treat me like family and you say I am part of your family

* you make sure I'm eating right and eating enough

* you express dismay and concern because I don't like cooking

* you make me feel guilty if I am not in touch often enough or I can't get there to see you very often

* you give me advice and suggestions on life, love, health, and parenting

* you come here to the blog and read my ramblings

* you laugh at my funny stories

* you cry at my sad stories

* you roll your eyes and shake your head at my silly stories, but you smile at the same time

* you share your stories with me

* you send me emails, texts, what's app messages, and other written forms of support, love, and encouragement

* you send care packages and other goodies

* you tell me that you love me

* when I miss a few days, you write me notes and ask if I'm okay

I bet you hadn't thought about your role in my life quite like that.
Please allow me to say it publicly - today is your day.
Male or female, having given birth or not, Mother's Day is your day.
You are a great Mom, dear friend - 
you have mothered me and I'm sure you have mothered others as well as yourself.
Thank you for being such a gentle, caring, patient, loving Mom.
Happy Mother's Day.

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