Wednesday, May 14, 2014

If I asked you for $25, would you give it to me?

Would you give me $25 if I told you I needed it to pay for kanswer treatment?
To provide for my children? To send my child to daycare because I was sick?
Would you help me?

No, I'm not sick again.

But there are so many people who are. So many people who need our help.
 And for $25 or less, you can help someone who needs treatment, childcare, hope, and a future.

Please consider giving to some brave women who are dealing with kanswer and to the children of women who have died of kanswer. I'm asking you to give, even if it is only $1 or $5. No one can give more than $25, so there is no pressure to give more than that.

Click here and read about it - then share it with others so that we can do small things to make a huge difference in the lives of others.

Let's join Love Flash Mob and change some lives today.

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