Monday, May 27, 2013

Randomness and connectedness... it's all in me

Sometimes I feel like every aspect of my life is tied together somehow.
The books I read relate to the topics I'm journaling about.
The sermons I hear relate to the relationships I'm trying to cultivate.
The verses and chapters I read in the Bible relate to the fears and doubts tumbling around in my mind.
The stories I hear relate to the challenges I'm facing on this kanswer journey.

The introduction to chapter 2 in Journal Fodder 365: Daily Doses of Inspiration for the art addict
is a perfect example of the overlap I'm discovering in nearly every area of my life.

Chapter 2 - Randomness and Chaos - How do I remain spontaneous as I react to the unexpected?

Life can be very random and chaotic, but many of us want our worlds neatly planned and structured. We feel pressure from ourselves and others to have a plan and to know exactly where our lives are heading. Life rarely unfolds like we plan, so open yourself and the journaling process up to some spontaneity as you allow a bit of chaos and random justaposition into your working method. The journal is nonlinear and allows for this freedom from structure, and it is a place to experiment and play. Emphasize the nonlinear quality and get messy as you experiment with new techniques to strengthen your investment in the journal

Too often artists can freeze because they have an idea of what they want the piece to be - a picture-perfect image in their minds. They plan, plot, scheme and then freeze. They are afraid that things will not go according to plan, and they will mess up and fail miserably. However, it can be helpful to openly invite a bit of randomness and chaos into your working habits and to put the ideal of the finished page to the back of your mind. By purposefully cultivating spontaneous acts, you can set aside the fear of making mistakes and learn to embrace the surprises that arise from giving up a little control. You can discover beautiful images and themes as they arise from the chaos and that you could never have planned. 

(The underlined words are of my choosing. They are not underlined in the book.)

Is this introduction about art and art journaling?
Or can I replace those underlined words with "marriage" and "parenting"?
Is this introduction about friends, partners, and children?
Is it about living a life of faith?
Is it about recovering from kanswer?
Or is it about the messiness of life itself?

I think it is about all of the above and then some.

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