Saturday, May 25, 2013

No News is Good News!

I've thought about posting a blog nearly every day since the last time I posted.

I've wanted to post gratitude lists -
for delicious food - some of which we've grown ourselves,
physical therapist/miracle workers with healing hands,
clothing and shoe shopping success,
small outings with family and friends,
among so many other things.

I've wanted to post photos of my children,
friends who have come to visit,
the beauty of Asheville, North Carolina on a glorious Saturday afternoon,
and the pots of strawberries, tomatoes, and vegetables growing on the deck.

I've wanted to tell stories about gazing at the full moon over Lake Norman,
about the love of a faithful dog,
the faithfulness of a loving husband,
and the wonder of living with two teenagers who company I enjoy.

I've wanted to tell you that all the bandages are finally gone from my chest,
and now I am face to face, face to scar, with my newly sculpted torso.
These scars will always remind me that I won this battle.
This short hair will always remind me that I took the first step towards victory.
I didn't wait for chemo to make the first move.
Now, six months after diagnosis, I am well on my way to my best life ever.

I've wanted to weep with you about the tragedy in Oklahoma and
cheer the heros and heroines who saved so many lives,
who rescued dogs and horses and other people.

I've wanted to share so many joys, so many sorrows,
so many thoughts, so many prayers with you.
I thought of you. I prayed for you. I thanked God for you.

My heart has been overflowing with grief and gratitude.
But life was so busy. The week was so full.
I didn't make the write it here. I wrote it on the parchment of my heart.

I am here now. Letting you know that no news is good news.
I've been busy and happy, sore and healing, at peace, full of joy,
grateful for much of what has been, looking forward to most of what is yet to be.

Thanks be to God.


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Paul Bock said...

Good Afternoon Gail~

Sounds like you enjoyed a wonderful week with Lisa. No doubt, alot of sharing, healing, and hopefully fun times with each other.

My continued prayers and thoughts always coming to you for continued wellness.