Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Decisions, decisions

So there's this awesome support program for women with kanswer. It's called Look Good Feel Better - and they offer free workshops on how to apply make-up, how to use hats, scarves, wigs, and wiglets (yes, that's right, wiglets) to improve our appearance and our spirits during kanswer treatment.

Last night, I attended one of their workshops. The woman who ran it was energetic, funny, insightful, and informative. Did you know that you are supposed to replace your mascara every three months? And during treatment, we should replace it every six weeks. Good thing I don't wear mascara on a regular basis, or it would be yet another expensive habit to add to my already long list of expensive habits.

Because I was the most talkative and energetic when I arrived... or perhaps because I looked the most pathetic when I arrived... actually, I have no idea why, but the leader asked me to be her model for the evening. She cleansed my face and applied make-up. Then I modeled a few of the wigs and hats she brought along.

Can you help me decide on a new look?

A. Black haired pixie wig look.

B. Ring around the head hair piece look. (Yes, that is my bald head peaking through the middle.)

C. Ring around the head hair piece with sparkly hat look.

 D. Asymmetrical straight haired wig look.

E. Bangs with scarf look.

F. Regular me with my own hat look.

Be honest. I can take it. I'm a big girl. I'm a big, bald girl. 
Trust me, if I can handle baldness, I can handle just about anything.
Well, anything except the bright red lipstick I received in my make-up kit.


Lisa said...

I am speechless!!!

Thank you for sharing these!!!


sheila Person-scott said...

Gayle, vote for F. Love the hat and the smile that goes with it. If I must pick a hairdo. I vote for the sexy asymmetrical look.

Maya Stein said...

A big resounding F!!! You are a badass, Gail, and you rock your bald self like no other.

Anonymous said...

The regular you is spectacularly beautiful. Though I have to say, you rock the scarf.

Kristin Noelle said...

F is my favorite. But D would be my second favorite.

Sending love, Gail!

SLA said...

I like the hatted YOU the best - adorable!!!!!!!

Just found you through Glennon. I'm spending a glorious morning ignoring all my work duties and basking in your writing... so many glorious comments and phrases and insights - THANK YOU!!!!!!

I thought at first that I would sitting here feeling down, and sad at the thought of you and your battle. But the more I read, the more I am simply grinning like mad - at the thought of you and your battle. You are amazing. You make all this look GOOD!

All my love,
Stephanie from Chicago