Saturday, November 19, 2011

On the occasion of a 29° morning...

I was not looking forward to going outside this morning. I wanted to stay inside and pretend it was warm out there. But since I knew I couldn't do that, I scrolled through the photos of our recent trip to the beach and relived a few beachy moments before donning warm attire and heading out into the wild and frigid yonder...

Anytime I see a small body of water, I look for turtles. I usually find them and stare and smile and wish I knew what they were thinking. And planning. And carrying in their backpacks.

Speedo guy made us gawk and giggle. He didn't seem to notice us at all.

That was one fashionable dog, perhaps the best-dressed beachgoer that entire day.

An ominously cloudy sky did not deter my clan from heading for the water.

The wind only served to encourage my son's superhero fantasies. 

A goat after my own heart: up on the roof, looking for a way to escape the pen.

Sunrise on our last morning there.
Perhaps tomorrow morning will be warmer. 
I doubt the sky will be as beautiful though.
I look forward to finding out.
I wish I could do so at the beach again...

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