Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Grateful for odd things too...

Today I am grateful for odd things...

- like being one block away from dropping my son off at tennis practice today only to have him receive a text from his coach telling him to go home. No practice today. He'd explain later. What??? Thank you for letting us know fifteen minutes after we left home.

- like receiving a letter from DirecTv granting us three free months of some game channel. Now we get to play Uno and Boggle with our television remote control for three whole months! What? Thank you, I guess.

- like figuring out that my dog was playing with a cricket she had somehow captured, batting it around with her paws on the staircase. What? Thank you for gracing our presence with this poor and terrified little critter... I think.

- like discovering this stuff, whatever it is, at the supermarket. I didn't buy any of it. But it was odd enough to capture in a photo. I cannot imagine what it is, but somebody must eat it or they wouldn't be selling it especially for such steep prices. What? Thank you on behalf of all those who are more adventurous eaters than we are.

- like smiling garage door openers. What? Thank you for making my entrance and exit more festive somehow.

- like the very wet, very large, very inquisitive nose of a donkey pushed through the slats of a fence at the petting zoo we like to visit on Hilton Head Island. Well, hello there, Donkey. Thank you for your wet welcome.

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