Friday, January 21, 2011

I keep wondering...

what if I really am okay?
What if my dry skin and wrinkles around my eyes,
my cracked fingernails and receding gumline,
my broken heart and my loneliness,
my doubts and fears,
my longings and yearnings,
my questions and rambling thoughts -

what if all of that is okay, is enough, is perfect just the way that it all is?
just the way that I am?

Launa sent me the link to this video - which I watched and loved and took notes on.
(Thank you, Launa!)
And now it's got me thinking in so many new directions.

What if it's okay to say "I love you" first?
What if it's okay to invest in something or someone even if it may not work out, whatever "it" is?
What if I allowed myself to be deeply and vulnerably seen, to love with my whole heart, to practice gratitude and joy, and to believe with all that I am that indeed I am enough?

How different would your world be, my world,
your life, my life,
if we lived from a place of enoughness?

1 comment:

Lisa said...

Excellent, timely post, dear friend.

I'm right there with you on this!