Thursday, January 08, 2009

What if the most important thing is...

to go for walks with my kids?

to hug them - a lot?

to get the laundry done?

to write a letter to a friend in prison?

to gaze up at the clouds as they speed by on this windy day?

to not answer the emails or phone calls and just bask in the love for a few days?

to tuck in my son, who recently fell asleep in my bed?

to allow these three insistent and dear friends to come and clean my house for me this time?

to make tea and fill the pages of my journal?

to read quietly in my bed?

to read a few blogs, check out a few videos, and be inspired by my online friends?

to pull out my camera and take lots and lots of photos, especially of my kids?

to oversee my two studious beauties in our homeschool room...

to spend time in thought and prayer and meditation and quietness?

on second thought, to leave the laundry for tomorrow?

to stop trying to decide what is most important - and just live this moment, right here, right now, with my son and daughter by my side, in my arms, watching Malcolm in the Middle, laughing, sipping cocoa?

what if nothing else matters but this one true and simple thing?


Lisa said...

Excellent! You've got it, dear Gail!

*Loving* the photos of your 'crew' and your house :-)

Thanks for the (extra)ordinary glimpses.

Jena Strong said...

It all sounds pretty important to me. Sacred even.

Amy said...

I'm feeling it, too. I'm so busy at work and thinking about my son's deployment that I just want "to be" and phone calls are not being returned. Just enjoy your precious family!

Shalet said...

That's exactly it - exactly!

Lori said...

Awesome Thoughts Gayle, How about if the the most important thing is not important at all? EVER
Anyways those 2 insistant friends that want to clean your house send them my way. I so need them.