Sunday, January 11, 2009

Celebrate Small Wonders

I have found myself far more focused on small wonders, on small miracles, on small victories lately. And at a local bookstore not long ago, I captured this image, a tiny ad on a table in the cafe section of the store, that confirmed my decision to pay attention to the little things. I celebrated that day with one of their peppermint mocha trios! Yum, yum.

But I digress.

Please allow me to share a few small wonders I have celebrated lately.

* a new friend who has sent me oodles of uplifting emails in the past two weeks, encouraging me to be the best mother I can be

* cutting and filing my daughter's fingernails

* hugs and kisses

* sharing coffee and cornbread with the four women (!) who came to clean the house

* basking in the smell and shine of a sparkling clean home

* rereading last year's journal of my trip to Spain and Italy

* sweet treats from The Great Harvest Bread Company

* Peaceful Patchouli soap in the shower

* socks that reach above my knees, onto my thighs

* turtle necks on cold days

* putting collages I've made into frames for display

* prayer beads and prayer flags

* prayer itself

* music, especially when we all sing along

* comforting a grieving friend who has comforted me

* unexpected, but perfectly timed phone calls from friends

* flipping a switch - and having the light come on

* not always getting it right (whatever "it" is), but moving on anyway

* playing word games with my son - who beats me a little too often for my taste

* fresh vegetables and beans cooked in olive oil and served over brown rice;
we call it "a veggie cook-up," and we all love it

* recognizing that these small wonders are not small at all!


Jena Strong said...

Yum, indeed. What a beautiful, delicious, nourishing list. Just reading it makes me feel appreciative.

jmgb said...

celebration indeed!
i love you list...i think God's grace often seeps through the smaller cracks of our pain, making it more bearable to endure.
i want to make my own list, stop by tomorrow to see!

Amy said...

That photo is from Borders, I think (I'm very familiar with those signs ... wonder why?

Too many people don't look at those little joys in each day. Right now I'm dealing with some work stress; and although I'll write some work-related documents from home today, I'll still savor my dog's kisses, lighting a candle and praying for many people, listening to my son playing the piano (right this moment) before he heads back to college.

Thanks for the reminder. You continue to be in my prayers.

Shalet said...

Small wonders are indeed wonderful! I love your list and I love visiting people who appreciate the small things in their life. :o)

Andrew said...

Amen to a good cup of coffee. I've had to downgrade from my current favorite coffee -- the increase in calories is directly related to my increase in chins.

I looked up the nutrition facts on your mochas... Look out! =)

GailNHB said...

Yes, those drinks at Border's, Starbucks, and Caribou are high in calories. But I do love them so.

Great phrase - God's grace often seeps thru the smaller cracks of our pain. There's been a lot of pain lately, and so much grace and love have flowed through the many cracks. Thanks in part to so many of you.

Here's to many small wonders and joys. To love and friendship and surrender and grace and candles and music and coffee and tea and journaling. Here's to life!

Ella said...

There are small wonders in every thing friend, even in one of your favorite beverages-- the coffee bean.

It's mriacle how they are grown. It takes so long for the bush to grow.

I think the world would be in deep funk without coffee. Though thanks to my friend in the UK I'm now addicted to English Breafast tea.

Great list that made me chuckle (in a good way).Happy New Year to you.

In friendship,